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What’s behind the name Designer Dragonfly and why…



Hello and welcome to the website of Designer Dragonfly.

My name is Jenny Correia, born and raised in South African. When Im not doing what we South Africans do best, that is, having a ‘braai’ and munching on ‘biltong and droewors’ you will usually find me spending up to 18 hours a day behind my trusty Mac’s and listening to music. Now that you know a little bit more about me and can put a face to Designer Dragonfly,  let me tell you a little more about how the name came about.

Having lived in sunny South Africa my whole life, I had the luxury of having a huge pool in my own backyard. Blazing hot summer afternoons were spent around pool, and dipping my toes in the cool water to cool off.  I would always have these little visitors darting up and down, back and forth showing off their beautiful colours.  This is where my fascination with Dragonflies began.   Ever since then their beauty, agility and mysteriousness never ceases to amaze me.

My obsession with Dragonflies was the motivation behind the name that today has become a very successful website design business in the Netherlands.  Designer Dragonfly like all dragonflies, will fill your life with colour, zest and enthusiasm with everything we embark on.

Jump on and enjoy the flight…

We are very fortunate to have a business promo video for Designer Dragonfly made possible by two of our very own clients.  Music by Marc Burger(Liptease)and video recording and editing by Jimmy Ellis (Central Control)


Jenny Correia, founder and owner of Designer Dragonfly

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