Evaluating your website’s search engine ranking  with an SEO Audit.

SEO Audit is a complex process involving the analysis of website responsiveness, content, design structure and on site SEO.

Website Technical SEO Audit.


We will study the keywords and the keyword placement/frequency in order to see if your content is optimized or not. We will also study the H1 and H2 tags to see if these can be improved, and we will do the same with meta descriptions, duplicate content, the content structure and inbound/broken links. All of these are a part of the technical SEO expertise that we offer.

Content SEO

Just like the name says, the content SEO is all about being committed and focusing on the best results. It’s something that will offer a great value and a very good user experience but it will also boost SEO. Here we will focus on proper grammar and punctuation, professional keyword placement and all the most important SEO mechanics that pertain to written content.

Off Site SEO

In this SEO audit service we will test the social media linking and activity. Social media integration is mandatory for any website and because of that you have to optimize it properly otherwise the outcome might not be as good as you expect. It’s all about results and a true focus here, all you have to do is to keep that in mind!

In conclusion, our SEO audit is a complete analysis service that will allow us to fully understand and determine what is wrong with your website. It’s a service that offers professional results and a very good user experience, all while integrating professional and high standard tools that help get the job done fast. If you want to see what’s wrong with the website performance or SEO, our SEO audit is the right answer to that so conta

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