How can Designer Dragonfly help you?

Whether you are a Business Startup, a small business or home based business we have a solution for you.

Do you have an existing website that needs improvement or redesigning? Do you have an outdated website that isn’t performing like it used to do? Do you require an entirely new custom-made website?

your website designer in the hague

Your WordPress expert designer in The Hague

Starting a new business and need a website designer that understands the needs of startup business?

Starting your own business is a big challenge for anyone, but even more so for an expat or someone not familiar with the ‘web’ of a foreign country. Being expats ourselves we know and understand these challenges. That is why we offer the whole package from start to end so you can be assured that all matters concerning website development, website design, search engine listing, web site hosting, web domain name, domain registration and adding your new business to the search engines are being taken care of , thus allowing you to focus on your clients.

For us to better understand your needs in your new business venture or whether you just want a new web site development please read through our DESIGN BRIEF so we can help you to the best of our ability and understand your requirements and expectations.

Good website design is not as simple as just creating a good looking website.  With Website design The Hague you will be sure that your website design project meets modern standards, is mobile responsive, gets found by google search engines, and your website runs on the most trustworthy WEBSITE HOSTING PROVIDER


What does it cost to have a website designed?

From € 499.00 you can have a professional website within two weeks from start to finish provided you supply all your texts and images. Should you need a text editor, text writer or translator we have a group of qualified members on our team who can assist.  Website images can also be supplied, these are supplied on demand and are charged for as an extra.

What does the price cover?

  • A website containing 5 -7 pages
  • Custom made website design and layout
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Website viewer statistics
  • All necessary plugins


Do you have a project in mind and think we can help?

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